ZapCon 2015 Schedule of Events
(stay tuned for 2016's schedule!)
Fri, Apr 17Sat, Apr 18Sun, Apr 19Mon, Apr 20

(not open to the public)

9AM: Doors open to contributors and pre-registrants

10AM: Doors officially open
-IFPA Pinball tournament qualifying begins

-Kids Pinball tournament qualifying begin

-Women's Pinball tournament qualifying begin

-Pinball Rodeo begins

12PM: Danger Dann's Tag-Team Pinball Qualifying Round

-Tetris Tournament qualifying (register anytime beforehand)

-Marvel vs. Capcom 2 qualifying (register anytime beforehand)

-Capcom vs SNK 2 qualifying (register anytime beforehand)

3PM: Danger Dann's Tag Team Pinball Finals

-Kids Pinball tournament Finals

-Women's Pinball tournament Finals

11:30PM: -IFPA Pinball tournament qualifying ends
Doors Close

9AM: Doors open to contributors and pre-registrants

-IFPA "B" division finals

-IFPA "Classics" division finals

10AM: Doors officially open

10:30AM: IFPA "A" division finals

12PM: Tetris finals

1:30PM: Marvel vs Capcom 2 finals

3PM: Capcom vs. SNK 2 finals

4PM: Pinball Rodeo award ceremony

4:30PM:Firebird Pinball Best of Show awards ceremony

6PM: Doors Close
Game pick-up begins
(not open to the public)

Game pick-up

(not open to the public)

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