This is a tentative list of the arcade games and pinball machines that are expected to be available to play at ZapCon 2015. This list will grow as the date of the show gets closer and we arrange more games. As these games come from private collections, this list is subject to change, for obvious reasons.
Arcade Games
Pinball Machines
ZapCon, like most other arcade and/or pinball events around the country, relies on games from vendors and private collectors LIKE YOU!

Be a part of something magical by contributing an arcade game or pinball machine for this year's event. In exchange you will:

  • Get a weekend pass for each working game you bring.
  • Get all the benefits of pre-registration, including early admission.
  • Set yourself apart from the normal attendees with an exclusive "contributor" keepsake name badge.
  • Have a golden opportunity to sell or trade games.
  • Be part of the Zapcon team, and a valued member of the pinball & arcade community.

We guarantee your games will be returned in the condition in which they were supplied. All games supplied MUST remain on the floor and playable until the end of the event.

ATTENTION VENDORS: Supply 10+ games and receive free vendor space! (subject to availability)

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